Earnings & Retention manager

Working on developing tools to figure out the minimum viable earnings for supply and the alternate earnings opportunities.

Develop competition intelligence models to continuously capture and forecast supply cost variations.

Work on improving retention of the supply by segmentation of better quality supply at high risk of churn and continuously endeavor to move them to cross-dispatch, more rides or higher incentive payouts to improve retention.

Work on developing and improving the pricing models of the B2B category by baking in inputs from the comp intel, MVE and bidding portal.

Identifying reasons for churn apart from earnings and working with different stakeholders to solve for them.

Working on the resurrection and re-engagement of the churned supply.

KPIs: Retention %, % Captains below MVE , % Captains above AP, % Captains on low ride plans, % captains on cross dispatch.

Ideal Candidate: 5+ years as core data analyst and has moved or intends to move to data heavy business roles.