Responsibilities and Duties:

  • To set up a supply acquisition plan and mechanism to ensure that supply targets are met while maintaining the required captain criteria
  • To acquire the needed supply in a timely manner within the pre-agreed to SLA
  • To monitor the operational KPIs of the acquired captains ensuring that a minimum level of service level is delivered to customers
  • To manage the process of replacements for captains who are not meeting the operational quality criteria
  • To assign the correct plans to the acquired captains with no delays or wrong assigned plans
  • To ensure that all Travel captains have the correct captain COGS plan including their fixed compensation, variable compensation and toll amounts
  • To audit the process of captain payment disbursement to ensure that the amount is accurate and the payment is not delayed
  • To collect market intelligence regarding the competition’s captain compensation schemes and payouts
  • To constantly optimize the cost per seat (CPS) to enhance financial performance
  • To conduct regular focus groups with captains to ensure that captains’ feedback is taken into consideration and the corrective actions are taken accordingly
  • To liaise with the central team to scale the bidding process to make sure that the cost per seat is at its lowest possible level given the captain quality threshold
  • To lead the process of travel/regulate cross dispatching with all relevant stakeholders including the central team and the regular category team
  • To acquire the needed amount of backups while achieving the flexibility yet dependable backup fleet at a minimized cost


  • Experience in supply acquisition is required
  • Excellent on-ground acquisition and negotiation skills is required
  • A good network of captains and suppliers is required
  • English proficiency is required
  • Excel proficiency is required