About Us

SWVL is fast emerging as the premium, more convenient alternative to public transportation in Egypt, Kenya and now in Pakistan. Daily commuters make our main user group, but corporate clients are quickly emerging as a segment that we can serve.

Quality assurance Main Job Duties:

• Monitoring customer support interactions daily via (Phone, emails, chat, and social media messaging, etc) to evaluate the agents' performance concerning the quality of service offered through all channels and help to identify common customer issues, improve the customer experience.

• Manage auditing reports for customer care activities & transactions.

• Accompany evaluations with meaningful and constructive feedback.

• Create reports that reflect support performance.

• Discuss and explain feedback with agents in regular meetings for the in-house team.

• Help the agents improve their performance with specific instructions and constant support.

• Contribute to the team culture in a positive manner.

• Report support team’s performance to higher-ups.

• Participate in calibration sessions to maintain consistency in evaluations.

• Induction quality sessions for all the new hiring.

• Responsible for collecting the updates and edit the SOPs to make sure that the knowledge base is always up to -date and covered.

Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree.

• 2+ years of experience in Quality Assurance/Customer Support.

•Experience with data analysis, excellent MS skills especially MS Excel and PowerPoint.

•Exceptional organization and time management skills.

•Excellent communication skills.

•Good Coaching and Monitoring skills.

•Ability to maintain close attention to detail and accuracy.

• Strong written and verbal English communication skills with the ability to comfortably interact with cross-functional teams.

• Capable of giving and receiving feedback in an honest and respectful way